Istanbul Nightlife: Discover the City’s Popular Nightclubs (2023)

Istanbul continues to cater to all types of entertainment styles, maintaining its vibrant atmosphere. The city’s nightlife leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

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You’ll find jazz, rock, pop, disco, pubs, taverns, live music, rooftop bars, and many more venues throughout the year. We’ve gathered the best nightclubs for you.

Nightclubs with Bosphorus View

We’ve compiled nearly all high-quality nightclubs in Istanbul that offer dinner, drinks, and dancing. DJs, live music, and nightclubs await you here.


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Sortie nightclub is a complex of restaurants and bars located on the Bosphorus.

This popular club in Istanbul offers a sophisticated atmosphere with a stunning Bosphorus view, quality food and drink options, and limitless music and entertainment.

Sortie Club is open from 6:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

Ruby Istanbul

Located in Ortaköy, Ruby Istanbul is a nightclub with a warm and sparkling seaside location.

Embracing a new entertainment style in Istanbul with breathtaking Bosphorus views and delicious menus, you can lose yourself in unforgettable hours of dancing and music at Ruby’s club sections until the first light of morning.

Ruby opens at 6:00 PM and stays open until morning.

Ulus 29 Restaurant and Club

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Offering a combined restaurant and club experience in Istanbul. This terrace, decorated with large crystal chandeliers, is an ideal place to enjoy a lively evening.

Expert chefs in the kitchen and expert mixologists at the bar offer an impressive selection of local and international wines.

Due to the higher prices and exclusive atmosphere, guests should dress appropriately and reservations are required.

Google Maps: Ulus 29


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Located in the heart of the trendy Bebek neighborhood, Lucca is a restaurant and bar ideal for socializing, dining, and drinking.

Every weekend, it turns into a nightclub where you can dance and listen to beautiful music with DJ sets, nostalgic hits, and a mix of live house music.

Sophisticated people love spending time at Lucca. With its fantastic cocktails, extensive wine list, and elegant decor, Lucca is an essential part of Istanbul nightclubs.

Alexandra Cocktail Bar

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Located in Arnavutköy, one of the most beautiful corners of the Bosphorus, Alexandra is an ideal spot for enjoying delightful cocktails amid candlelight and dark wood decorations.

This venue, one of Istanbul’s best cocktail bars, also hosts DJ performances on weekends.

The terrace overlooking the Bosphorus offers the perfect setting for romantic moments.

Nightclubs in the City

While having a Bosphorus view sounds amazing, there are also many great nightclubs within the city. Let’s take a look at some of the most luxurious and fun nightclubs in the city, which may even surpass those with Bosphorus views.


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Limoncello is one of the city’s most popular and trendy clubs.

Its unusual, original, and appealing decoration makes it a lively venue where entertainment is always at its peak, with a young and high-energy crowd.

Primarily playing Turkish pop music and popular songs, Limoncello offers a party atmosphere to its guests every night.

On Wednesday nights, live music is performed. Later in the night, Limoncello transforms into a night club for those who want to continue having fun.

The entertainment continues until the first light of morning, accompanied by house music.

Masquerade Club

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Located in Gayrettepe, Masquerade Club brings dance lovers together for enjoyable nights by adding a different ambiance to Istanbul’s nightlife with its extraordinary performances, quality music, numerous world-famous artists and DJs, and unique architecture.

Masquerade Club is a nightclub that has won the best venue award from the World Regions Finest Club and the globally renowned Cavalli Club parties.

360 Istanbul

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Club 360 Istanbul is located on the top floor of the historic Misir Apartment on Istiklal Avenue, offering lunch and dinner with world cuisine, an impressive wine list, and a rich bar menu, as well as dishes from modern Turkish cuisine.

Hosting numerous international awards and famous artists and DJs from abroad, 360 Istanbul transforms into a club with live shows on weekends.


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Klein nightclub, situated within walking distance from Taksim in Harbiye, is a popular venue among nightclubs due to its unique architecture and impressive decoration that befits Istanbul.

Located in the popular 1970s As Cinema, Klein offers more electronic and techno music from local and foreign DJs.

It is open only on Friday and Saturday nights from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM.

Nightclubs in Istanbul will satisfy you. We have listed many of them and explained their workings for you to choose from. Nightclubs in the city are as lively as those with Bosphorus view. In fact, locals go to nightclubs in the city more often. We recommend city nightclubs if you want to socialize with locals. If you want to enjoy the view, we recommend nightclubs with Bosphorus view. Of course, they are a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it.

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