The Best Restaurants in Kuzguncuk, Istanbul (2023)

Venture to Kuzguncuk, Istanbul, a unique neighborhood along the Bosphorus with the historic Çırağan Palace nearby. Located in Üsküdar, this district boasts a nostalgic vibe, various religious sites and a sense of timelessness. Whether wandering the streets or dining at a restaurant, you’ll feel transported to a bygone era.

The Most Popular Cafe: Nail Kitabevi

This historic building houses both a bookstore and cafe. Enjoy a peaceful coffee break while browsing the book collection.

Google Maps: Nail Kitabevi Kafe

These Chocolates Will Make You Happy: Çikolatacı Aziz Bey

Savor the enticing scent of chocolate as you sit by the shop’s green wall. Indulge in handmade chocolates and coffee, and don’t miss the exquisite banana cake.

Google Maps: Çikolatacı Aziz Bey

Tarihi Kuzguncuk Fırını: Experience Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Ideal for breakfast or dessert, this bakery offers gluten-free and healthy options. We recommend trying the Princess cookie, made with Belgian chocolate and hazelnuts.

Google Maps: Tarihi Kuzguncuk Fırını

La Colina Restaurant & Bar: The Istanbul View Will Enchant You

Dine here and enjoy a cocktail while admiring the view. The restaurant’s ambiance, decor, and tasty dishes complement any conversation. Try the Poulet A La Normande and Bittersweet Bosphorus cocktail.

Google Maps: La Colina Restaurant & Bar

Çınaraltı Cafe: A coffee Hidden Under a Giant Tree

Nestled under a large plane tree, this lush cafe is perfect for enjoying a frothy Turkish coffee.

Google Maps: Çınaraltı Cafe

Galette Kuzguncuk: A Talented Chef in Istanbul

A renowned chef’s restaurant, Galette Kuzguncuk offers unforgettable flavors. The modern yet historically harmonious eatery serves Forest Fruit Crumble and Mousse. Sugar-free, gluten-free, and vegan options are available, including the quinoa vegan cookie.

Google Maps: Galette Kuzguncuk

Metet Döner: You Will Come Back to Istanbul Again for This Döner

This long-established Istanbul restaurant serves charcoal-grilled meat döner and natural butter. Savor the incredible with handmade ayran. Remember to book a table to avoid disappointment.

Google Maps: Metet Döner

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