Turkish Beer 101: Get Ready to Say Cheers!

Welcome to the exciting world of Turkish beerWith a rich history and a growing craft beer scene, there’s so much to discover.

In this guide, we’ll explore the history of beer in Turkey, popular brands, and the best places to enjoy a cold one. Let’s dive in! 🍺

Table of Contents:

A Brief History of Beer in Turkey 📜

Old turkish beer wooden barrels and dishes on the table in the village.

Beer has been brewed in Turkey since ancient times, with evidence suggesting that beer production dates back as far as 4,000 years.

Over the centuries, the Ottoman Empire had a significant influence on the brewing industry, and as a result, beer has become an integral part of Turkish culture. 🇹🇷

Popular Turkish Beer Brands 🍺🏷️

3 Turkish beers Tuborg stand side by side on a blue background.

While there are many amazing beers to try, here are some of the most popular Turkish beer brands to get you started:

1. Efes 🌟

3 bottles of turkish beer efes pilsen stand side by side. the first is the wide bottle, the second is the can, and the third is the long bottle.

Turkey’s most famous beer, Efes Pilsen, is a light and refreshing lager perfect for hot summer days. 

With its iconic blue and gold label, you’ll find Efes at nearly every bar and restaurant in Turkey. Other Efes varieties include Efes Dark and Efes Malt.

2. Bomonti 🌆

Turkish beer bomonti stands for your sand. Taken for advertising at sunset.

Named after the historic Istanbul district, Bomonti is a popular choice for those who prefer a slightly bitter flavor. 

Bomonti Filtresiz, an unfiltered beer, offers a unique taste that beer lovers will enjoy.

3. Tuborg

small turkish beer tuborg bottle and other bottles in the back.

Although originally from Denmark, Tuborg is brewed in Turkey and has become a local favorite. Its crisp and refreshing taste makes it a perfect companion to Turkish cuisine.

The Craft Turkish Beer Scene 🍻🎨

The craft beer movement has been steadily growing in Turkey, with many breweries offering unique and flavorful beers. Some of the most popular craft breweries include:

1. Gara Guzu 🐺

6 gara guzu draft turkish beers are lined up side by side.

This award winning brewery produces a range of beers, from pale ales to stouts. Their beers are known for their bold flavors and creative names, like “Raging Cow” and “Black Sheep.”

2. Feliz Kulpa 🎩

istanbul pulse turkish beer 7

A craft brewery that offers an assortment of beers, including IPAs, stouts, and porters. Their beers are known for their high quality ingredients and imaginative flavors.

3. The Populist 🗣️

A popular brewpub in Istanbul, The Populist offers a wide range of beers on tap, from classic pilsners to fruity IPAs. With its trendy atmosphere and delicious food, it’s a must visit for beer enthusiasts.

Best Places to Enjoy Turkish Beer 🍺📍

From lively pubs to cozy taverns, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy Turkish beer. Here are some of the best spots:

1. Pepe Rosso Gastropub

istanbul pulse turkish beer 8

With its eye catching décor, Pepe Rosso stands out among the crowd as a high quality gastropub. Its enticing menu is sure to grab your attention.

The venue boasts a spacious garden, delightful cocktails, draft Turkish beer, and a vibrant atmosphere, making it a popular gathering spot during the spring and summer seasons.

2. Beer Hall

The interior of the beer hall. people having fun drinking turkish beer.

In the heart of Besiktas, you’ll find the lively Beer Hall. This spacious venue offers an impressive selection of beers, including local Turkish beer and international favorites. 

With multiple large screens showcasing sports events, it’s the perfect place to gather with friends and cheer on your favorite team. 

Don’t forget to try their delicious pub food, like their famous chicken wings or juicy burgers. 🍔

3. MUST Nisantasi

The delightful interior of must Nişantaşı. There is a bar stand and a drawing of a muscular man on top of the stand.

Must Nisantasi is a trendy bar and restaurant located in the fashionable Nisantasi district. This stylish venue offers a wide variety of drinks, including an impressive beer selection, as well as an extensive menu featuring both Turkish and international dishes.

With its chic décor, upbeat music, and vibrant atmosphere, Must Nişantaşı is an ideal spot for a night out with friends. 💃

4. BigChefs Moda Terrace

Bigchef at sunset. Bosphorus and pier are visible in the landscape.

For a more laid back atmosphere, head to BigChefs Moda Terrace. This charming venue, located in the picturesque Moda neighborhood, offers stunning views of the Marmara Sea from its spacious terrace. 

With a variety of beers, wines, and cocktails on the menu, you’re sure to find your perfect drink. Pair your beverage with one of their delicious dishes, which range from Turkish classics to international favorites. 😋

So, there you have it! A complete guide to Turkish beer. Whether you’re a seasoned beer lover or new to the world of brews, Turkey’s beer scene has something for everyone. 

So raise your glass, say “şerefe!” (cheers in Turkish), and enjoy a delicious Turkish beer! 🍻🥳


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